A few Phoenician, Greek, and Carthaginian trading colonies were founded along the Mediterranean coast of the peninsula, though the local populace retained control over most of their area, despite this influx of foreign gold and power. Over the course of the next 500 years, the Celts and Iberians were steadily "Romanized" - local aristocratic families were inducted into the Roman nobility, Roman roads and trading posts dotted the land, and new systems of irrigation techniques were established, including the famous aqueducts. Thus I think that for Spain rather than having a generic metric for each victory condition it's wiser to add a line to each Natural Wonder that you've covered saying which victory condition it suits best and how well it can be with said wonder. Spain is strongest at the mid-game, and can excel at religious aims. Thanks ! Conquistadors don't need to be escorted over seas and have a huge sight range, making them excellent scouts.

One of Imperial Spain's most recognizable legacies is its language - nearly 500 million people today speak Spanish, the second most popular language in the world.

The large, Moorish armies crossed from North Africa into Gibraltar and conquered nearly the whole of Iberia in seven short years, from 711-718 AD. In theory, if not in practice, nudism is legal everywhere throughout Spain. For the next 700 years, a battle for the Iberian Peninsula raged between the Christians and the Muslims: strongholds were built and fell, power bases and balances shifted, and borders were redrawn on nearly a yearly basis. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with Sid Meier's Civilization V. Please see the.

As you said, natural wonders come in all shapes and sizes, a single one with good gold/science output when doubled with Spain's UA creates a terrific foundation for diplomatic/scientific victories respectively. It is only visible to you. The Byzantine Romans hoped to retake Iberia from this vantage point, but soon the entire peninsula fell under Visigothic rule.

Few current nations can claim to have such a far-reaching and lasting influence as Imperial Spain, both at the height of her power and today. The peninsula was settled between two main groups, the Iberians and the Celts, the former populating the southern and eastern areas with the latter inhabiting the northern and western stretches. The Spanish are the masters of exploration.

Spain, IMO, is a low-tier civ that becomes an incredible civ if you get early access to one of the few really good Natural Wonders. Building them doesn't stop growth in a city, and they can be faith-purchased, giving them an even bigger advantage over regular Settlers. Generally, any world wonder that's good for a wide Civ is good for Spain. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. The Kingdom of Spain is the 51st largest country in the world, only some 31,000 square miles bigger than the state of California. Happiness from discovering Natural Wonders is doubled. Extra natural wonder happiness is small, but helpful for getting through the happiness-starved midgame. Later in the game they gain access to the Conquistador - arguably the best scouting unit in the game - which can not only see far and move rapidly on land, but is also capable of settling cities on islands or other continents!

She began to lose her European holdings, primarily from the separation of Portugal and the Netherlands, and then suffered military setbacks from the highly destructive Thirty Years War. Despite the slow encroachment of the Christian-led kingdoms across Iberia, no clear victor presented itself.

Fountain of Youth) within your land is doubled, Tile yields from natural wonders are doubled, Can expend to found a city on landmasses not containing your capital, Costs 135 production in normal-speed games, up from 120 (+13%), Costs 500 gold In normal-speed games, up from 460 (+9%), Costs 165 gold to upgrade to from a Chariot Archer In normal-speed games, up from 135 (+22%), Costs 130 gold to upgrade to from a Horseman In normal-speed games, up from 100 (+30%), Upgrade cost of 190 rather than 220 in normal speed games (-14%), Can found a city on a landmass not containing your capital, using up the unit, Double embarkment defence and may embark without the Optics technology, Costs 160 production in normal-speed games, up from 150 (+7%), Costs 570 gold in normal-speed games, up from 540 (+6%), Costs 90 gold to upgrade to in normal-speed games, up from 70 (+29%), Upgrade cost of 140 rather than 160 in normal speed games (-12.5%). The Spanish are the masters of exploration. Many important Christian kingdoms were founded by the Reconquista, such as Asturias and Aragon, but most of the Muslim kingdoms stubbornly held onto their land. Spain's UA makes natural wonders amazing. The new, unified kingdom of Isabella and Ferdinand became known as EspaƱa (or Spain) and with her wealthy colonies in the New World became the first "world power" of the time. Voting choices may vary depending on your game. Secure as many natural wonders as you can, and use the. Also, contrary to popular belief, the rain in Spain does not fall mainly in the plain - it's usually found in the mountains. The Visigoths continued their control of Iberia for the next three centuries, until a sudden invasion by the Umayyad Islamic Empire swept across the peninsula. Officially starting with the Battle of Covadonga in 722 (but not gaining momentum until much later), the Reconquista was the name given to the Christians' attempt to reclaim Iberia from Muslim rule. Christianity was also introduced during this time and was quickly adopted by the local people. Spain's new trade routes with the New World not only provided new knowledge and culture, but also new resources in the form of precious metals ( i.e., gold), spices, and plants. Spain offers great religious, military and even scientific potential - but at the start of the game, that's only potential. The 20th century didn't bring much change for the fallen empire - The Spanish Civil War of the 1930s brought Fascism and an authoritarian government to the country, claiming over half a million lives in the process. The same answer applies to the same continent and overseas? Despite these minor (for the given time) prejudices, many of the locals began to convert to Islam. Without religion, you leave yourself very open to the luck of which natural wonders the game gives you.

So, that'd be Socialist Realism, Young Pioneers and Universal Healthcare on tier 1, Academy of Sciences and Cultural Revolution on tier 2, and Dictatorship of the Proletariat on tier 3. I kinda forgot about the difficulty of obtaining national wonders in wide games, so yeah, go with Hero of the People instead of Universal Healthcare. Counts as a standard melee unit rather than gunpowder melee, meaning... Tercios can be built 15% faster with the Warrior Code Social Policy, The 25% bonus against gunpowder Impis (the Zulu UU) have doesn't work against Tercios. Spain's Golden Age also saw the creation of intellectual and spiritual reforms as well, starting with the escalation of humanism, beginnings of the Protestant Reformation, and the founding of the School of Salamanca. The Spanish led the world in this age of discovery, accumulating vast amounts of wealth and trade from their numerous colonies and principalities. It's been a long time since I last played Spain in Civ 5, so I'm a little rusty on the details, but I think aiming to maximise tourism and happiness would be a good idea. Here are a few I've identified as possible mistakes to avoid. At its height, the Spanish Empire counted holdings across the entirety of the world - from large chunks of North and South America and small pieces of Europe, to various cities in North Africa and the entirety of the East Indies. Spain led by Isabella is a civilization available in vanilla Civilization 5. Wars and more wars threatened and decimated the once proud empire for the next two centuries. Still, succeed early on and you'll reap the rewards later. They were included again in Civilization V: Gods & Kings. Spain soon saw itself in turn facing multiple wars of independence from its own foreign colonies, cumulating in the Spanish-American War. It wasn't until the death of General Francisco Franco, in 1975, that the monarchy was restored and things began to look up for Spain for the first time in the past 300 years. It was said, and rightfully so, that the sun always shone somewhere in the Spanish Empire. So, that'd be Socialist Realism, Young Pioneers and Universal Healthcare on tier 1, Academy of Sciences and Cultural Revolution on tier 2, and Dictatorship of the Proletariat on tier 3. You can use that against them. This guide goes into plenty of detail about Spanish strategies, uniques and how to play against them.

The Vandals quickly spread across Iberia, leaving the Romans with a small southern holding along the coast, Spania. Here's a list of the decisions and brief notes on importance of some. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They receive 100 Gold bonus for discovering a Natural Wonder, which goes up to a whopping 500 Gold if they were the first to discover it, creating an advantage for the early game.

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