With distinct black (sometimes rust or red) irregular blotches or markings down the back with keeled scales and vertical pupils. It doesn’t necessarily hurt, but it’s not such a pleasant feeling. Reptile & Amphibian Presentations/Talks. Have a look at these links below to reference if the snake you’ve found is actually a harmless Mole Snake, Thread snake, Blind snake There is apparent confusion in being able to differentiate between these three closely related species, visually this chart serves to distinguish the tangible differences. They start turning green, if they are males, at close to a meter in length. www.tyroneping.co.za/snakes-southern-africa/causus-rhombeatus/. Noticeable it has  V-shaped marking on it’s head. www.tyroneping.co.za/snakes-southern-africa/dasypeltis-scabra/. It’s quite an event to watch. found underground and often come to the surface after heavy rains, entering homes and often found drowned in swimming pools. Can often be seen on the roads after rain, in cool or warm weather. These two snakes are often confused by the general public in and around the Karoo where these snakes are commonly encountered. The Thread Snakes and Bibrons blind snakes could resemble the venomous Stiletto Snake but when viewed side by side it’s clearly shown they have distinctive differences.

What does the Spotted Bush Snake look like?

Still not sure? "The picture taken from the front makes it difficult to identify the snake; the colour patterns on the body of the snake as well as the texture of the scales would prove very useful in this situation. They’re excellent climbers, and are extremely fast-moving snakes. The Green Mamba is a plain, emerald green colour, and gets much thicker and longer than the Bush Snake. It is a thin green snake and the adults usually measure at just under 1m long. It’s easy to confuse a Spotted Bush Snake with a Boomslang. For more reference photos: Includes first aid information, snake identification features, snake removals information, free information posters, and more. Spotted Bush Snake vs Boomslang; Spotted Skaapsteker vs Many-spotted Reed Snake; Spotted Skaapsteker (Striped form) vs Striped Skaapsteker; Twig Snake vs Juvenile Boomslang; Scorpions;

The graphics below illustrate how to recognize the key differences between the two species. It’s quite a nice snake to have around.

Beginners Guide to Snake Identification (SA), Snake Awareness and First Aid for Snakebite, Snake Awareness, First aid and Handling – Western Cape – 24 October 2020, Snake Handling Bootcamp – Western Cape – 25 October 2020, Snake Awareness, First Aid and Handling – Gauteng – 31 October 2020, Advanced Snake Handling – Gauteng – 01 November 2020, Snake Awareness, First aid and Handling – Gauteng – 21 November 2020, Advanced First Aid for Snakebite – Gauteng – 22 November 2020, Snake Awareness, First Aid and Handling – Gauteng – 05 December 2020, Snake Handling Bootcamp – Gauteng – 06 December 2020, African Rock Python vs Southern African Python, Aurora House Snake vs Spotted Harlequin Snake, Bibron’s Blind Snake vs Bibron’s Stiletto Snake, Common Purple Glossed Snake vs Bibron’s Stiletto Snake, Common Wolf Snake vs Bibron’s Stiletto Snake, Eastern Natal Green Snake vs Western Natal Green Snake, Mozambique Spitting Cobra vs Snouted Cobra, Rhombic Night Adder vs Snouted Night Adder, Spotted Skaapsteker vs Many-spotted Reed Snake, Spotted Skaapsteker (Striped form) vs Striped Skaapsteker, Snake Comparison – Boomslang vs Green Mamba, Snake Comparison – Mole Snake vs Cape Cobra, Highly venomous Green Mamba (Dendroaspis angustice, We maintain a list of over 600 snake removers from, Dwarf Beaked Snake (Dipsina multimaculata)

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