In Omega, Stiles, Scott, and Allison go to searching for Lydia who has gone missing from the hospital after entering a fugue state. When the classes tests were handed back and Stiles saw Scott's uncharacteristically low score of a D-, he joked that Scott needed to study more before offering to help him himself. Stiles says they aren't looking for a missing chimera, they are looking for a missing teenager. He also discovers that the killer is not just going after virgins but other as well and pieces together that Deaton is a Druid too. He is portrayed by main cast member Dylan O'Brien.

Liam is chained to the tree because he apparently lost control during the last full moon. Stiles swears he's right, and so far the track record is 100 percent when Stiles thinks someone is evil, they usually are. Stiles falls partly out of the window as Parrish walks passed him. He nevertheless helps Scott track down Lydia. Da Scott behauptet, Derek sei für alle mysteriösen Angriffe verantwortlich, muss dieser notgedrungen bei Stiles untertauchen (Folge: Eisenhut). Um mehr über das Wesen zu erfahren, will Stiles das sogenannte Bestiarium der Argents stehlen, wird jedoch von Erica in die Schwimmhalle gelockt, wo er schließlich gemeinsam mit Derek dem Wesen erneut gegenüber steht. Am nächsten Tag erwartet Stiles in der Schule dann ein weiteres Problem, denn sein Chemielehrer erklärt ihm unmissverständlich, dass sein persönliches Ziel in diesem Schuljahr wäre, Stiles das Leben so schwer wie möglich zu machen, da er einen Groll gegen dessen Vater hegt und Stiles dies nun zu spüren bekommen soll. Hogwarts Life Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. After Stiles argued that the Beast causing the deaths of hundreds of people was actually an incredible threat, Sheriff stated that he would double the amount of deputies in attendance before suggesting that Stiles find Coach Finstock, who had been in rehab for months, in hopes that he could forfeit the game for them. Donovan attacks through a bookcase, pulling Stiles back through it.

Gemeinsam mit Scott, Derek und den anderen plant er Jackson einzupferchen. Theo asks if that means it's up to interpretation.
Stiles hat karamellfarbene Augen, eine leichte Himmelfahrtsnase und einige Schönheitsflecken. Danach treffen sie aus eine böse Illusion seiner Mutter. And then Stiles realizes he's being blackmailed. Fortunately, Stiles' comment did cause Hayden to remember how Liam used his werewolf powers to take her pain through a kiss, and since Hayden was a part-werewolf Chimera, she tried to do the same.

After learning that Derek planned to have another training session with Scott following his shift at the animal clinic that evening, Stiles decided that this would give him until the end of the school day to teach Scott how to control his lycanthropy himself, clearly not trusting Derek to be able to do so. At the hospital, Melissa comes out to tell Stiles, Scott, Kira, Theo, and Liam that Theo's tourniquet probably saved Lydia's life. He says that he and Scott are losing their fight. The next morning at school, Scott thinks maybe they need some sort of trigger for their suppressed memories to surface.
In Der Winterball zwingt Allison Lydia zur Strafe dafür, dass sie mit Scott fremdgegangen ist, auf den Ball mit Stiles zu gehen und Stiles "hilft" Lydia bei der Shopping-Tour mit Allison im Macey's. After high school, Stiles left Beacon Hills for an internship with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. In Anchors, Stiles begins hallucinating, suffering from sleep paralysis and partial dyslexia. While he was waiting, he saw Lydia Martin waiting for Jackson in the waiting room and struck up a conversation with her, admitting that he always felt like they had a connection and that it might be nice if they got to know each other. "It wasn't me," she says.

"Well, they also probably didn't read books that cause violent hallucinations," Stiles replies. Scott turns to Liam and asks him what happened. When he returns to Beacon Hills, he is greeted warmly by his dad, only to be tricked into being handcuffed to a desk by the Sheriff. "Hayden. (to which Stiles said "maybe"), and "Is this idea gonna cause me physical pain?"

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