“This is insane!” she squeals. This Blake M. is a wildlife manager from Ontario. That means we say goodbye to AJ, Chris, Jeremy, Jordan M., Mike, Page, Robby, and Tyler C. So what do you think? Glamour may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. I guess it depends on what was in those DMs. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale. They bond over the difficulty of being away from loved ones during quarantine (Dale’s sister has “underlying health issues” so he can’t visit her), and Dale says he watched Clare’s Bachelorette debut on Good Morning America and loved her confidence. Alas, producers couldn’t milk as much time out of the quarantine segment as they usually get from the “meet the men” packages, so we’re treated to a different kind of filler: A Clare-Harrison fireside chat. But, ultimately, Dale gets the First Impression rose. Anna, don't think on that too long because it's time to meet the men. Next, we move onto the men arriving at the resort and getting tested. Then Harrison, not a medical professional, shows up to deliver her test result. New episodes are usually uploaded by 9:00 a.m. So Yosef pulls Clare aside to give her a heads-up, but she cuts him off so West Virginia can join the conversation and share his side. She’ll never pick him. (Please don’t turn out to be awful.). A random woman cheers her on from the boardwalk. Sorry rose lovers, I’m overthinking this. But the rest of Clare’s quarantine footage is pretty relatable: Baking, bed-head, making funny dog videos, and missing family. Well, rose lovers, was it worth the wait? She’s so focused on him she doesn’t seem to be giving the other guys a fair chance. He is also not Dale. It’s been a long 31 weeks, rose lovers. I can't argue with that logic. Bennett, 36: A rented Rolls Royce, suede loafers with no socks, and a full-on tuxedo (complete with a white scarf) — Harvard sure is going the extra mile to solidify his title as the season’s biggest tool. Finally, some drama emerges. Offers may be subject to change without notice. Honestly, more men should show up to dates with baked goods. Nah, me neither. It’s reminiscent of Garrett’s minivan entrance on Becca’s season, but hopefully, Clare’s “love” story will have a happier ending. Fine, but attorneys don’t render verdicts… they just argue the cases… Couldn’t you have just told Clare that she needs to “lawyer up” because it’s against the law to look that good? Love the creative use of coffee creamers. I’m hoping Clare at least gives the other guys a chance for a little before she sets her mind to Dale. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. But wait, rose lovers — this one comes with sound effects! Once production finally got going at the La Quinta resort, Clare had to wait a few days to get her COVID-19 test results, because no one wants this season of The Bachelorette to turn into a super-spreader event. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. We move onto memory lane where we watch Clare give it to Juan Pablo and leave Paradise in tears (twice). https://twitter.com/hellokatiemo/status/1316195410361421824. “I'm big on energy and vibes,” Clare says. (Also, is “Chasen” actually a name? This might be a controversial opinion, but is it a crime that Yosef was sliding into someone's DMs considering he hadn't even met Clare? RIP wet driveway, RIP. Even her toast, given in a room full of bachelors there to woo her, seems directed at him. How many episodes of “Clare pretends to be interested in guys other than Dale” do you think we’ll have to watch before Tayshia shows up? It was after her mom had fallen and broken her nose, so Clare was going through a hard time and the fact that he risked putting his spot on the show in jeopardy meant a lot. And when they’re not sitting around their rooms…. “It made me smile. In other cute news: Joe the anesthesiologist made Clare an entire tray of origami animals! “I've done a lot of therapy.” Therapy! Jordan C., 26: Popcorn? “Um… you know there’s more [guys] to come?” Yeah, she knows. I hope this scene is genuine because it was really cute. Does he mean here, at a La Quinta Resort & Club? Clare shows up for the first cocktail party in a sequined gown and not, as I have exclusively adopted in quarantine, wine-stained sweatpants from college. Shakespeare wishes she had this kind of material! She looks good. Rumor 2: Clare quits as Bachelorette, and Tayshia steps in as replacement. 30 essential albums from the last 30 years, Cassie Randolph files for restraining order against Colton Underwood. He’s adorable. New episodes are usually … She leaves and pulls Blake M. 1—yes, there are two Blake M.'s on this show—for a talk. Riley, 30: Technically speaking, his intro gag doesn’t even make sense. I find it very suspect that we’re seeing the same few scenes over and over again in previews. The stakes have always been weirdly miscalculated on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, so I can see past that. Mike, 38: Though he didn’t bring his coffee-creamer-Clare creation in the limo with him, at least he brought the Bachelorette some sandals from the gift shop in case her feet get tired in heels. I’m not even going to get into the pissing contest between Yosef and Tyler C, but I’m pretty sure producers made Clare keep Yosef for *the drama* and if it were up to her, they’d both be going home. I feel like they should have been wearing masks here to at least pretend she doesn’t already know that she tested negative. Filming eventually resumes, but the vibe doesn't get much better for me. She also reveals that shortly before she joined Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor, she ended an abusive relationship and going on the show was her way of escape. Mystery solved. The season premiere of The Bachelorette is scheduled to premiere Wednesday morning (October 14) on Hulu. Okay, so here producers are playing it a bit coyer — though I’m not sure why. (Just kidding: He’s not Dale.) What’s that, Chris Harrison? copyright 2020 © all rights reserved by stylecaster. Is this what “sheltering at home” looks like for ANYONE? Dale, 31: Well hey, it’s the former pro football player from South Dakota — also known as the man Clare immediately wants to marry. He’s cute and arrives looking nervous and fairly normal. Team Bachelorette kicks things off with an extended teaser that (mostly) confirms all the rumors we’ve been hearing about Clare’s “journey.” (And by “we,” I mean anyone who’s been on the interwebs anytime between March and this exact moment.). As he walks inside. On Kenny: “Ew, fuck this guy, I hate his vibe.” And that was before we learned he's a boy-band manager. “I felt everything that I haven’t felt… ever.” The host is a little taken aback. And Dale is IT. Clare stares longingly out a window. The winners are: Dale (obviously), Blake M. 1, Eazy, Ben, Riley, Zach J., Tyler S., Joe, Jason, Demar, Chasen, Jordan C., Blake M. 2, Kenny, Brendan, Garin, Ed, Bennett, Zac C., Jay, Brandon, Ivan, and Yosef. And so the journey begins. On Bennett, arriving in a Rolls-Royce: “It's a pandemic, people are losing their jobs, and this man decides, ‘Yeah, I’m going to rub it in your face how rich I am.’”, I cut Bill's play-by-play off when Dale arrives because DALE! That unhappy but civically-responsible gentleman is Eazy, a 29-year-old sports marketing agent from California. Discuss.). But Chasen, 31, does not go the whole “knight in shining armor” route. It made me feel good,” says the Bachelorette. Speaking of bad boys, apparently Blake Moynes (Canadian, beard, wildlife expert) chose to ignore Team Bachelorette’s pre-production rules and actually contacted the Bachelorette during quarantine. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Either way, let’s consider rumor No. “But I want you to know that that time you broke the rule meant everything to me.” It turns out, Canadian Blake’s message came at a time when the Bachelorette was really “struggling” (her mom had just had a bad fall), and she appreciated his kind words. The Bachelorette Season 16, Episode 1, Premiere Recap: All About Dale. Tink tink tink! “They call it the ‘H-bomb’ when you drop that [into conversation].” Wow, he’s an Ivy League snob and a financial dude-bro from New York? See you later, fellas! Sir! Sorry buddy, but a station-wagon-driving lawyer is about to call BS on your butt. Jay, 29: This fitness director from Florida shows up in a straightjacket… because he’s been going crazy in quarantine. Roll the hot-men-in-quarantine montage! Clare’s is officially COVID-free? But then, oh! I'll be here all season long to recap Clare's journey–the good and the bad—and cover Tayshia's journey to love, when the time (reportedly) comes. She wanders around a beach, which I guess is to symbolize She Is Ready for Love. The others haven't seemed to pick up on this…yet. He strolls out onto a pretty but unfamiliar courtyard and announces that the coronavirus has affected everything about our lives, including “how we fall in love.” Legitimate LOL, buddy. Most people may have forgotten but I certainly did not. Marriage! Still, Dale gets a kiss and the First Impression Rose… because of course he does. No drama. Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. We end the episode with the rose ceremony and previews for what’s to come this season.

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