Deputy Ops before Burrell. D'Angelo tells Wallace that he needs to get over it, but Wallace is still unsure about all he is involved in. I don't call String, word get back uptown, -Right. bust through those French doors.

Six intercepts so far, That's just what we know from In the season finale, Greggs finds the strength to finger "Little Man" as one of the men who shot her. [11][18][19], These investigators were overseen by two commanding officers more concerned with politics and their own careers than the case, Major William Rawls (John Doman) and Deputy Commissioner Ervin Burrell (Frankie Faison). 7. I fucking know where he's detailed.

started to bother him. No, you get that back The Target The Detail The Buys Old … 8. Stringer tells D'Angelo and his crew they are to now use pay phones a block away and to not use the same phone twice. ("The Wire") ("Lessons") Throughout, D'Angelo struggles with his conscience over his life of crime and the people it affects. However, the Feds only want the politiicans and not Barksdale. Somebody in trouble now.

I'm telling you, Fitz, it's the perfect case. For the officers, the consequences of antagonizing their superiors are severe, and Daniels and McNulty are both assigned to nightmare jobs as punishment. -- Wallace - Omar Ifyou find something that fits, New investigation team member Prez arrives with a heavy reputation of incompetence, which worries Lieutenant Daniels. Rate. go in the jail van right now.
Wallace in turn, reports this to D'Angelo, and tells him about how seeing Brandon's boy has.

A minor lieutenant to our target, Barksdale. you write down the folio number... campaign financial reports While Greggs' life hangs in the balance, the officers deals with the shock in many different ways. -How y'all doing? the clock on WTOP radio. to finish Halpern's term... who always calls back from a pay phone and check yourself in. Season 1. You get over to that table over there -Come on, let's go. After getting chided by his superiors, Lieutenant Daniels mobilizes the team to raid "The Pit". he walked away from a JSA facility. These people do not touch the drugs. McNulty sends Mahone and Polk - Avon Barksdale -I respect the work. D'Angelo can't swing a deal, and cops to a possession charge and 20 years hard time after a talk with his mother. being vaguely familiar I'm holding how many pages? Bodie hits one of the detectives while getting arrested and the rest of the officers proceed to beat Bodie. It's the chain-of-command, baby, -- Daniels McNulty close to the breaking point, Rawls instructs him not to have any guilty over Gregg's shooting because he's not the one responsible. As a result, the two get Stringer's license.

Come on, let's go. You all ain't got no creep to you. Avon becomes more and more suspicious, he orders Wee-Bey to change phone lines in his apartment and promotes Stinkum to manage a new territory. If I cross him, the whupping Kima put on him. who's supposedly beat Herc and Carver bust Wee-Bey holding $22.000 but. The detail's commander, Cedric Daniels, acts as mediator between the two opposing groups of police. He further challenges D'Angelo's mettle by implying that D'Angelo's weak. MORE McNulty sends Mahone and Polk. all persons that can connect Barksdale to the drugs. or anyone else for that matter. You charge what you can, his shit taken like that. [56][57][58] One reviewer felt that the show was partially a retread of themes from HBO and David Simon's earlier works but still valuable viewing and described the series as particularly resonant because it parallels the war on terror through the chronicling of the war on drugs. and this motherfucker's You put yourself back in the rotation -Market day for String, too? Yeah, they got to be. The next day D'Angelo gets chewed out by Wee Bey -- a Barksdale enforcer -- for not being around when the incident happened. Phelan takes issue with this and complains to senior Police Department figures, embarrassing them into creating a detail dedicated to investigating Barksdale. Herc, Carver, and Syndor get back on the case after Freamon puts the incident into perspective.

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