A Gray Media Group, Inc. Station - © 2002-2020 Gray Television, Inc. They also were instructed to edit the beginning and ending of each snippet to differentiate the posts slightly, according to the notes from the recorded conversation with a participant. You may have missed this reporting recently with everything else going on. “What these young Arizona activists are doing is honest and sincere political activism in the 21st century and in the age of COVID-19,” said Hoffman, whose firm was linked by the Post to the Turning Point project. We’ve seen that happen from foreign actors and now we see it from domestic actors.”. “So it’s not particularly surprising to me that a group affiliated with the president, such as Turning Point USA, would try and use the levers of the internet and social media to try and help their campaign.”, Rubashkin also said he is not surprised “that we’re seeing these kinds of concerted efforts from political groups to influence and perhaps even misinform or deceive people online. President @Donald J. Trump is LIVE with Turning Point Action in Phoenix for a historic address to Young Americans! Facebook and Twitter did not identify the accounts or the posts Wednesday. Smith, as part of written responses to The Post, deferred specific questions about the financial setup to a “marketing partner” called Rally Forge, which he said was running the program for Turning Point. (520) 797-4384 | When you're on mass transit. The firm, Rally Forge, was “working on behalf” of Turning Point Action, an affiliate of Turning Point USA, the prominent conservative youth organization based in Phoenix, Facebook concluded. The Phoenix New Times has more on this troll. Officials with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign declined to comment on the story Wednesday. "We were committed then to lifting the stay-at-home order on May 16. "The last time President Trump visited Arizona, it prompted Ducey to quicken the pace of the reopening," said Gerald, who has been publishing weekly white papers about the pandemic. At the grocery store. President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden will have their microphones cut off in Thursday’s debate while their rival delivers their opening two-minute answer to each of the debate topics. In removing accounts Tuesday, Twitter pointed to policies specifying, “You can’t artificially amplify or disrupt conversations through the use of multiple accounts.” That includes “coordinating with or compensating others to engage in artificial engagement or amplification, even if the people involved use only one account,” according to Twitter. But he warned that Trump's rally, set to be held at Dream City Church, which can hold thousands of people, could be a public health disaster waiting to happen. Several teenagers were using their real names or variations of their names, while other accounts active in posting the pro-Trump messaging appeared to be operating under pseudonyms. “Each facility rental is a means to generate funds so that Dream City may continue to carry out its outreach vision – to reach the hurting and needy in the community for Jesus Christ. After The Daily Beast shared its findings with Twitter, the company suspended the accounts for violating Twitter’s rules on platform manipulation and spam. Some followed each other on Twitter, while most were following only a list of prominent politicians and media outlets. Dr. Joe Gerald, a professor of community, environment and policy at the University of Arizona, with an expertise in public health, told NBC News last week that the governor's move was a "welcome step in what I would consider the right direction." Still, some localities say that as cases continue to rise to record levels in the state, they remain concerned about being able to procure adequate levels of certain items of personal protective and testing equipment. One report pointed specifically to the use of Turning Point content as evidence of Russia’s “deep knowledge of American culture, media, and influencers.”. The former vice president, asserted one message, “is being controlled by behind the scenes individuals who want to take America down the dangerous path towards socialism.”. The Hill 1625 K Street, NW Suite 900 Washington DC 20006 | 202-628-8500 tel | 202-628-8503 fax. Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak. However, Turning Point Action does intend to comply with the city's mask order, and it said it will distribute masks to those who do not have them. 1-6 Two workers helping build the wall who live in the community of Ajo have contracted COVID-19, according to Aaron Pacheco, a spokesman for the Pima County Health Department. The fake accounts, some with either cartoonlike Bitmoji profiles or images generated by artificial intelligence, complemented the real accounts of users involved in the effort, which largely entailed leaving comments sympathetic to President Trump and other conservative causes across social media. It’s just about hate and wanting others to feel pain, there is no GOP anymore. They posted the same lines a limited number of times to avoid automated detection by the technology companies, these people said. In his speech at last month’s Republican nominating convention, he extolled Trump as the “bodyguard of Western civilization.”. Scott Talan, a professor of communications at American University, said Turning Point likely use teenagers partly because they are so active online and partly because they are amenable to suggestion. The inquiry led to the removal of 200 accounts and 55 pages on Facebook, as well as 76 Instagram accounts — many of them operated by teenagers in the Phoenix area.

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