Paige Cleopatra Angelina Donald I just got a turtle and named her Stella as her first name and Luna for her middle/last name. They may even have a favorite owner based on the owner who feeds them most often and gives them the most goodies. Alicia Holden Alessandra


Logan Antonio Johnathan Eleanor Cool Turtle Names. Harley Landon Sadie Fabio Aden Lauryn Kate

Or, even, let the names of the species, such as red-eared slider (Rosy) or a snapping turtle (Snappy), be your guide. Ada There are various techniques for coming up with a name for your pet. Ronin Adley Valentina Kynlee Irene Again, these are among the most popular baby human names, but they are so cute as girl turtle names as well! Leona Heidi Hector Buffalo Bill Turtles can live up to 100 years, so the best turtle names have to last a lifetime. Rhys (Please note: This post contains affiliate links.

Sarah John River

William I have a new turtle and it a boy I need your help dribble or red? Aria Journee As the name of this monotypic species suggests, it is typically characterized by its large head. I'm thinking of Dude or Relax. Frostie (Frosty) Anika Sushi Do your research and give your new pet plenty of attention! I’m very happy that Sarah is doing amazing with pooing in her tanko he I’d vry sooperli cut, This was helpful but I didn't find a good name I got a redroot turtle and I couldn't find a suitable name, I named my Turtle Speedy he is fast and famous and he is 0 years and he is tiny but i still love him so much, My turtle is a girl but I don't know what to name her, [gee-air-mo] is what I am going to name turtle. Frank Paxton Elmo Ahmed Catalina Piper Goldilocks Xander Big Guy

Tiger, Tinkerbell Jayden Olivia Leo Snickers Your Constitution and Wisdom scores each increase by 1. Blueberry Rosalie If its a girl luna if its a boy ................? Turtles are animals found in the Overworld, but are less common than other animals as they're generally only found on beaches. Quinn Zuri Think about the features that are unique to your pet. Declan Makenna Emily Desmond Let’s delve into some more categories, and find the best turtle names in each. Phillip

Homer Chris The following list can be of great help. Alyssa Turtle name generator - Minecraft . Cameron

Burger Khloe Colin Juliet– A character from Shakespeare’s famous play, Juliet is a pretty pet turtle name for her. Tooter Turtle: Total … Emanuel Chiquita Grant Katniss Rory Devin Joanna Sienna Blake He has 5 finger claw of front and he’s green Dark shade in color, he got yellow dots on hand and stripes on neck of yellow color he has short thick tail! Tobias Kennedy Leonardo Bowen You can call your turtle Bolt or the Flash when we all know that turtles are slow. So, for that turtle who is all about the cute factor, here are twenty five adorable turtle names. Mario Fernando My turtle has big circle cheeks what does that mean is that good irme bad. Brownie Aniyah Tooter Turtle: Total Television: Touché Turtle: Touché Turtle: Umigame (Turtle) Dragon Ball: A sea turtle who is a companion of Master Roshi. You can name her funny, silly, dignified or something famous. They're my favorites. Enrique Donovan Ewok Abram Finn Coraline This name suits the first turtle pet you own. Legend Megan Maddison Deacon Cohen Spud Lucille Tell us below in the comment section! Charlie Emely Kyle Arya Whether you’re looking for a cute turtle name, girl turtle name, or boy turtle name there are some methods that can make it easier. Nina (again from harry potter :3). Kameron My turtles name is Koopa, we thought it was clever then found out it was a girl (we found her as a baby near death). Michel Angelo-from TMNT, he wears an orange mask and therefore can be used to name an orange turtle. See below for some of the coolest names for turtles in existence!

These beautiful looking creatures can have really cool and cute names if you can be a little more creative. Reagan Elianna Mckinley And I don’t even k ow he’s a male or female?? Makenzie Mathias Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Theodore Anthony Brooks June Bug Arjun

Charli Evie Sammy– This common turtle name is a great option.

Turtles make wonderful and entertaining pets, and those who know and spend time with them usually come to see that these shelled reptiles have unique, fun, and totally quirky personalities all their own.

Tatum Squeaks and Nibbles is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Squeaks and Nibbles is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Leland Johanna Clara Philip Abel Clark Catherine Juliet So this basically means that a turtle’s love can be bought. Vincent Shelby Damian Ethan Jase Eloise Roland Camilla Kyra Everleigh


Richard Noah Tortoises, on the other hand, are herbivorous land-dwellers that have rounded feet. You can also use irony to come up with a funny name. Emmitt Big Red You need to make sure that the home you provide them is the right size and temperature. Remington Eli Aren’t they a little Ninja in reality?

Emerson Tatum

Jace Turtles are just cool, okay? Gabriella Marshall Kyler Elektra Dominic Ava

Jaxon Uriah

( Not Frankie) Can you tell me how does a tortoise learn to climb chicken wire? Frances Nessie Brownie Sushi Once you do have your turtle and a name picked out, keep a close eye on your new companion—if you see it playing with sabers or nunchucks, it just might grow up to be a sewer-dwelling superhero. Kyla Orion Kai Raul Abigail Dakota Mabel Tony In this blog I am sharing my experience that covers basic information and advance stuff for everybody who wants to be a turtle owner in the future. Ruben Elias Messiah Travis Freshwater turtles interact very little with humans. FifiAfro Hanna We hope you’ve found some good turtle names, and even the perfect turtle name for your new pet. Charley Marcus E.T. Here is my list for you. Crookshanks Hugo Cameron Peyton TURTLE NAMES!! Audrey Aaron Get creative: In many occasions we do not know the sex of our turtle and we need an ambivalent name that fits well for both genders. Jacqueline Beckett Kendra Byte Leonardo– it is a compound name with Lewo meaning lion and Hart meaning strong or brave. Jorge Bones Churchill Lane Related Post Elijah For instance, a turtle with a colored shell can be called Rainbow. Seth Esteban Shine– For the painted turtles again, Shine is a pretty name. In fact, turtles can become attached to their owners and, like dogs and cats, are highly food motivated! Arthur

Ashley Edith And my Curly Coated Retriever's name is Fluffy(Boy). Josiah Flo

Napoleon– Regal names of historical leaders make for good turtle names. Hansel

Theo Francesca For all these reasons pet turtles are a craze now and people are learning more about these aquatic pets. If the Ninja Turtles are cool enough to have names based on artists from the Italian Rennaissance, then your pet turtle should have an awesome name too! Cassidy Caroline Whoopi Kiki Bobby (Mcgee)

Evan Here is a list of funny turtle names you can use. Chinchilla Dust Bath Guide: Why Do Chinchillas Take Dust Baths?

Saul In finding Nemo, we have a sea turtle by the name Crush that speaks like a surfer dude. Kingston Is a turtle or tortoise? Squat Skittles Koopa Pasqual to be exact. Kassidy Turtles are pets that usually don't interact excessively with the people who adopt them, but their adorable appearance is irresistable. Wyatt Something about him must have been calling your name. They will beg for food even when they are not hungry and it is easy to overfeed a turtle, so be careful of how much yummy treats you are offering when you are trying to buy your turtle’s affection.

Hayden Land turtles (tortoises) interact somewhat more than freshwater turtles. Bristol Santiago Stewie Axel Jeffrey Renata Liberty Dean Arianna Nadia Miss Kitty T-Bone Natalia Maximiliano You have entered an incorrect email address! Jose Jeremy Use this to guide your naming process. Lionel Dustin

Madilyn Ayaan Doonesbury Alex Stephen

Priscilla Sophia Cyrano Name ideas for male pet turtles. Arnold-it’s a German name meaning eagle power. Apollo You will have to think of so much such as the turtle names and why the name suits your turtle. Freshwater turtles are flatter and have more hydrodynamic contours than their terrestrial counterparts. Torterra– is a character in the Pokémon movie who resembles a turtle. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Athena Otto Levi Nana Hayford Asamoah Awuah on September 06, 2018: I named my tortoise Ray-ray. Nyla Lacey Whether you have just gotten your hands on a box turtle or a Red Eared Slider, or any of the popular pet turtles in between, we can bet you are pretty psyched. There is a reason you chose the turtle you chose. And here are 500 female turtle names. Nicholas Brooklynn Justice Alexandra Korbin Merciless, we tell you! Esme Whiskers Choosing can be quite a lot of pressure! Chelsea Turtle Names In Finding Nemo.

Corbin Avah Vanessa We can see if it is girl or boy with their tail girls tail is small and thick and boys tail is thin large and pointed. Ability Score Increase. Trenton Asher-the son of Jacob meaning happy or blessed. Gavin Moses Waffles Ronan Matthew Logan

Colette Haven Ellis Julius Amina Zander Taylor Emmalyn Ariella Good turtle names are often puns, using words associated with turtles to create puns on the names of famous people and famous catchphrases. Elle Evelyn Steven Graham Angelica

Think about general turtle features: They live in a shell, move slowly on land, move faster in water, have webbed feet, and much more. Vixen Ruth Marley Ophelia Mariam Amy Lancelot Eden


Evelynn Kade Donatello-you can name a purple turtle after Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Carter

Or perhaps you are just looking for strong sounding names to give your tortious regardless of his or her gender.

Pee Wee Sergio Rafael Regina Gabriel Kewpie Cletus Alonzo Kiara Miles Now, here are some of the funky, cool and hilarious pet turtle names.

Only the being that feeds them on a daily basis sparks some kind of interest in them. Evangeline, Raegan Memphis Honeybee Reid

Erin You can use your turtle’s outstanding physical traits to come up with a name. Charles Darius Grady Janiyah

Animals that live with humans always need some TLC, and some need it in different ways than others. Jonah Babe Vivienne Rosemary Alexa Elliott Hank Eden And boy do we have them for you!

Malcolm Finley Always catch my self saying "Touche` Away" lol from the old cartoon. Angelo Makayla Lia Odin From their habitat to their shell, to their totally cold-blooded interior, these swagtastic shell-dwellers deserve the coolest, hippest, most fly turtle names. Turtle Names, there are just so many options out there. And boy do we have them for you! This can include Duke, tank, Jojo. Cutey Honey Roberto

While some turtle species are water-based, not all of them are the same. Waffles Charlotte Pope Aubrey

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