Including this statement at the end of a macro has the following 2 consequences: The following image shows the VBA code of macro example #4 above, with this additional final statement for purposes of cancelling Cut or Copy mode. This, by itself, isn't particularly exciting. The following GIF shows what happens when I execute this macro. I explain this statement it in more detail above. Let's see an example of what I mean: If you go back to the screenshots showing the results of executing the sample macros #1 (Copy_to_Clipboard) and #2 (Copy_to_Range), you'll notice that the end result is that the destination worksheet looks pretty much the same as the source worksheet. I explain it in more detail above. In this particular case, Excel copies the range in such a way that it resembles how it's displayed on the screen (as much as possible). The syntax of this method is as follows: In this particular case, “expression” represents a Range object, and must be either (i) a range of 1 or more rows, or (ii) a range of 1 or more columns. This table displays the sales of certain items (A, B, C, D and E) made by 100 different sales managers in terms of units and total Dollar value. You've probably copied and pasted many cell ranges manually. In order to achieve your purposes of copying and pasting values or formulas using this faster method, you'll be using the Range.Value VBA property or the Range.Formula property (depending on the case). This results in (i) the wrong result and (ii) a circular reference. In other cases we've seen in this Excel tutorial (such as the Range.PasteSpecial method), “expression” is a variable representing a Range object. Notice how source data is indeed (now) a picture. This particular statement cancels Cut or Copy mode and removes the moving border. Because the copy menu places the The Point.Copy method, which (when a point in a series in a chart has a picture fill), copies the relevant picture to the Clipboard. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. You don't really need a macro to do only that. Learn how to use Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications now. The PasteSpecial method has 4 optional parameters: Notice how each of these parameters roughly mimics most of the different sections and options of the Paste Special dialog box shown above. The text reappears. selection to the clipboard. This parameter is roughly the equivalent of the Operation section of the Paste Special dialog box. The enumeration you use to specify the formats is the XlCopyPictureFormat enumeration, which is as follows: Let's take a look at an example which uses the Range.CopyPicture VBA method in practice: The following Sub procedure (Copy_Picture) works with the same source data as all of the previous examples. For purposes of this section, is enough to know that its purpose is to autofit the width of the destination columns (B through M) of the worksheet where the links are pasted (Example 5 – Paste Link). In this particular case, this is set by using the Worksheet.Range property to specify cell B5 of the worksheet “Example 6 – Copy Picture”. Take a look, for example, at the formula used to calculate the total sales of Item B by Sales Manager Walter Perry (second in the table): The formula doesn't use the unit price of Item B (which appears in cell F1) to calculate the sales. Similarly, I explain how to work with cell ranges in Excel’s VBA Range Object And Range Object References: The Tutorial for Beginners. After executing the macro, I go to another worksheet and paste all manually. First, let's take a look at how you can copy all of the items within the sample worksheet (table and unit prices) to the Clipboard. The following screenshot shows the results obtained when executing this macro: Notice the following interesting aspects of how the Range.Formula property works: Several of the VBA methods and macro examples included in this Excel tutorial use the Clipboard. You can easily modify this object reference by, for example, qualifying it as I introduce above. In the Copy_to_Range macro example, the Range object is columns B through M of the worksheet titled “Example 2 – Destination”. I publish a lot of Tutorials and resources about Microsoft Excel and VBA. Copy a cell range's contents to the Clipboard. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This tutorial is part of an ongoing lesson. This particular statement uses the Range.Select VBA method. This is, roughly, the equivalent of the Paste section in the Paste Special dialog box shown below: The Paste parameter can take any of 12 values that are specified in the XlPasteType enumeration: The Operation parameter of the Range.PasteSpecial method allows you to specify whether a mathematical operation is carried out with the destination cells. Alternatively, you may want to check out the adjustment at (by following the link above), which helps you guarantee that the 2 ranges are the same size. Open Visual Studio and create a new Visual Basic Windows Forms project. Just copy,paste and run. Copying to the Clipboard and pasting (with the Range.PasteSpecial or Worksheet.Paste methods) involves 2 steps: I explain this argument further in example #4 below, which introduces the Worksheet.Paste method. This item represents the worksheet named “Example 4 – Paste”. Difference between Build Solution, Rebuild Solution, and Clean Solution in Visual Studio? Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and In some cases, this is precisely what you want. Not on simplifying references or using variables, which are topics I cover in separate blog posts, such as those I link to above (and which I suggest you take a look at). This property returns the active sheet in the active workbook. This statement, used in all of the previous sample macros and explained above, copies the range of cells B5 to M107 within the “Sample Data” worksheet to the Clipboard. Again, there's only one line of code to write. though). Let's take a look at it: As anticipated, the following macro (Change_Formulas) works in a very similar way to the previous example #7.

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