Bassett portrayed the role of Dr. Catherine Benfield, who joins the show in season 15 as Dr. Pratt’s replacement. One of the most prominent and powerful characters on the show, Laura Innes played Dr. Kerry Weaver. Taggart stays until the series finale. The English queen of the show! Cheadle has since been in films like Mean Girls (remember the principle? Jeanie Boulet became an official doctor’s assistant at the hospital, with a major plot twist coming in season 3, where she announces that she is HIV positive. The show followed the lives of a group of doctors at fictional County General in Chicago. Oh dear, Simon Cowell is not going to be happy about this. Some people are early birds, meaning that they wake up early excited to start their day and are ... Kiwi Report is the leading destination on health, tech, business, and social news. - Actor George Gore would win us over as Jr. on Damon Wayans's 'My Wife And Kids' for several seasons. Her character enters as Carol Hathaway’s delivery nurse. To help give Pratt a break, Carter suggested that Leon leave town for a while, leading Pratt to send his brother away to stay with other family members in Baltimore. Since Hadean times, nearly all of this original crust has subducted from the movements of tectonic plates, and thus few rocks and minerals remain from the interval. The X Factor ultimate mash-up: See who gets snubbed in amazing poptastic official remix. He is beloved by women everywhere and considered a VERY attractive man in Hollywood. Linda has since been in major box office hits like, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Welcome to Me, and The Founder. When Pratt attempted to get out of it, Luka told him that it wasn't a request. She was seen in the movies “Deep Impact” and “Can’t Stop Dancing”. Reuben has pressed on in the acting field, being a part of films like, Lincoln, Admission, and The Longest Ride; and television shows such as, The Blacklist, and Mr. These days, Union is married to basketball player, Dwayne Wade, and walking red carpets with as much confidence as someone like her should hold. At the start of season 13, Pratt achieved his new title as attending, while Chaz moves in with him after Charlie abuses him and he joins Greg in cutting all ties to his rotten dad.

Coming up in 2017 is "Suburbicon" which he will direct and produce.

Robot.". He acted in, directed and produced the movie “Crazy As Hell”, and directed several episodes of “Law & Order: Special Victims’ Unit” and “CSI: NY.” Recently La Salle appeared in CBS' summer series "Under The Dome.". Margulies won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a TV drama in 1995, and was nominated every year during her tenure. William Gaminara is leaving forensic crime drama Silent Witness after 11 years playing Professor Leo Dalton. She leaves the hospital in season 3, but comes back five seasons later. Surprisingly, Pastor Watkins of First Mission Baptist and his congregation showed up on Pratt's behalf and explained the entire story of his contribution. After “ER”, she gave remarkable performances in “Deep in my Heart” and “Lincoln,” and has starred in three TV movies of the "Jesse Stone" franchise. Now when we said Angela is legendary, we meant it. He was a part of productions such as, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Counselor, Leverage, and Pan Am. Nevertheless, he was on the show! In Season 10's season finale "Drive", Pratt is involved in a road rage shooting while driving a recent patient, Elgin Gibbs, home en route to dinner with Dr. Chen. Flashing forward to post-ER, Hirsch got critical acclaim for his role as Chris McCandless in the film, Into the Wild, as well as hit films like, Milk, The Motel Life, Lone Survivor, and All Nighter. Do you know these lucrative Social Security secrets? Innes went on to appear in televisions shows like The Event, Awake, Warehouse 13, and Colony. Most of her roles were indeed in television and she has not made quite the name for herself as some of her other ER costars. ... Clooney played the role of Dr. Doug Ross on the ER. The main cast was augmented by a wealth of recurring characters and award-winning guest stars. Mr. Clooney! Robot. John Stamos was famous quite a bit before his time on ER, nonetheless, he played the role of Dr. Tony Gates, who enters the show on season 12 and had a reoccurring role in season 13. After being overlooked for the position of Chief of the ER in favour of new attending Dr. Skye Wexler, Pratt submitted his two weeks' notice of resignation stating that the administration of County General did not respect him; however, he soon changed his mind after meeting former Physician Assistant Jeanie Boulet. The twist here was that the character had MS, meaning that Shia’s acting, as we now know, was absolutely amazing. He was eventually killed off, but way of brain tumor, making a shift in the shows storyline. Tierney has since stuck to acting, but not very much of it. Boulet was a love interest of Dr. Benton and became a fixture as of season 2.

Since ER, Mendes has done very well for herself. He told Pratt that he was suspended for five days without any pay, and when Pratt thanked him, Luka responded by saying, "Don't thank me. Edwards executive produced the film "Temple Grandin" which won the Emmy for Outstanding Television Movie in 2010. He continues to executive produce and will appear on occasion in Netflix's "Fuller House" (a revival of his 80s sitcom "Full House") which has been renewed for a second season. Dr. Archie Morris, Grimes’ character, debuts in season 10 and provides a comic relief to an otherwise serious series. Medical drama "ER" captivated viewers in the 1990s until its final run in 2009.

X Factor. This year Clooney teamed up with Julia Roberts to star in "Money Monster" and also reunited with the Coen Brothers for "Hail, Caesar!" THERE have been some pretty patchy Xmas Number Ones over the years so I’m thrilled Matt’s is not one of them. The height of her role was when she had Dr.Ross’ twin babies! Julie played the role of an insurance saleswoman on ER. A tad bit aggressive, Hathaway also has a suicide attempt in her past. He was seen on the small screen in “Lie to Me," "Torchwood" and "House of Lies.". Pratt and Chen's interactions became infrequent due to Chen's family problems. The year was 2000 and Union was about to blow up in Hollywood. Mystery Incorporated,” “Mad Men" and “Bloodline." Dr. Greene was an emergency room doctor who trained the new medical team that kept walking through the ER doors. She played Velma “Scooby Doo” and the fame from the movie got her big roles after “ER”, in movies like “Legally Blonde,” “Brokeback Mountain” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” On TV she has appeared in “Scooby Doo!

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