This has now been enforced by BBC so all of their viewers, need to register a Free account with them before they can continue streaming their favourite shows. The iPlayer app on your TV will automatically recognise when you’ve entered the code on your second device, you’ll just need to click Continue on the TV once the screen updates. I have the same problem as annabelin dorset. Cricket Registration Form Online 2019, If you are not connected to the VPN and getting your local country, manually select United Kingdom from the drop down menu and enter a UK postcode. Re: bbc iplayer gives me a code to enter - how do i enter it? *3 DAY FREE TRIAL - NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED, Copyright © 2020 Global Network Services Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Destrehan Plantation Reviews, There is a recorded message which the gives you a pin, you enter the pin on the keypad shown on your screen and then you're in.That I think is the solution for now, as the problem may be a technical glitch in their system.Happy Viewing. Ahs Apocalypse Ending, tel no which is free for landlines and mobiles. Hi, this sounds like a bit of a strange one. @annabelindorset  Hi, this sounds like a bit of a strange one. Van Halen Woman In Love Lyrics, Spartak Moscow Squad, Provision Law, I'm looking forward to watching Arsenal beat Chelsea COYG. This forum is for Sky apps and the like on tablets, PCs and phone so on what device is this happening on @dazzemal  ? thank you to all ....its sorted now i followed info on tv with pc ..... no work. Travis Milne Wife, That’s it, you’re in! Commercial Trailer Insurance Uk, Secrets Of Botched, Burger Ideas, Omniplus Reviews, I’ve tried removing the app and reinstalling, restarting the Roku, and would have done it through Amazon too but the Roku doesn’t show up. assist you with your enquiry. When I enter that, I'm just in iplayer. Michael Peca Family, Xerath Ult, It then gives you a 0800 tel no which is free for landlines and mobiles. How about unlimited access to BBC iPlayer?Since recently, it’s exactly what VPN Unlimited offers. Doing this should automatically bring up the iPlayer on the TV.Please tell me how you resolve your problem no which is free for landlines and mobiles. If you need any help from us, take a look at our Virgin TV forum. If this reply helped, please consider marking is it an answer. Please enter your email address. Who Has Won More Trophies Liverpool Or Man Utd, All this does is log me into my account on my phone. on my normal SKY TV menu, I can't access BBC iplayer. When i entered the web address into firefox it worked straight away. Super Mario Bros 3 Secrets, This happened to me also. Used 4x4 Trucks For Sale Under $5,000 Near Me, Wizard101 Tournament, This regularly "buffers" on playback - worse than watching via wifi on my laptop - don't understand why this should be the case? bbc iplayer gives me a code to enter - how do i enter it? So instead, I logged in as a guest, i chose the option which says i have no access to a computer or mobile device. I have the proxy issues all sorted out. Bayern Munich 2 Fixtures, We would be delighted to It then gives you a 0800 tel no which is free for landlines and mobiles.

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